Saturday, November 22, 2014

Cactus and Lavender

My husband and I recently moved last month into our new place. Things have been overwhelming as we are trying to get unpacked, purchase new things, and prepare for the holiday. However, things are sta starting to come along nicely. 

I recently posted a picture of my new desk. I'm absolutely in love with it. The desk was shipped from Brazil and extremely heavy with deep drawers. A great treasure indeed. I'm thrilled with my purchase and know that it'll be a favorite piece for years to come. 

Since the holidays are literally around the corner, I've been searching for a new Christmas wreath. However, I  haven't found anything I like. So I decided to create my own. And since we live in Texas, I thought I'd make it more a Texas theme. 

We hardly ever see snow in these parts, and when I say snow I mean sleet. So I didn't think it was appropriate to have snow or snowbirds. I decided to use a cactus and peppers. I thought it turned out well. I'm very pleased and it will surely make a great conversational piece. 

Speaking of cactuses, I have plans for my back patio. I'm eager for this next spring. I know, I first need to get through the holidays. But I have great plans for the near future. We have a fantastic nursery located down the street that sells amazing Mexican pots. I plan on buying some and filling them with lavender and cactus. I found some pictures off the internet for inspiration.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Gene Marshall Dolls

My favorite era of fashion is from the 1940s. The tailored suits, dresses, hats and gloves made the women look elegant and the men dashing. So when I came across Gene Marshall dolls, I instantly became a big fan. The details in these dolls are quite impressive. Every doll is unique and beautiful in its own way. You can almost imagine these dolls coming to life in an old Hollywood film, as they are a masterpiece of art themselves. 
So where did Gene Marshall dolls come from? Well, an artist by the name of Mel Odom created these lavish dolls. He is an American artist who has illustrated several covers for novels. He was born in Richmond, Virginia but grew up in North Carolina. He majored in fashion illustration at Virginia Commonwealth University and continued his education through Leeds Polytechnic Institute of Art and Design in England. Later he moved to New York City to continue his career as a illustrator for many famous magazines such as Playboy, Viva, and Blueboy. However, I believe his best work came in 1995 when Gene Marshall dolls made their debut. 

Thursday, July 31, 2014

My new neighborhood in Texas

I wanted to post a few pictures of our new neighborhood. I absolutely love walking in the evening exploring the houses. The houses are so beautiful and everyone is unique. The pictures I posted don't give them justice.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Charles James - Fashion Designer

I was contemplating a trip to NYC this fall. When the temperatures become more suitable for sightseeing and roaming around the city. NYC is one of the most fascinating cities in the world. One of the most cultural destinations in the States. The museums are incredible so I decided to plan our itinerary around exhibits my husband and I would like to see. I nearly gasped as I saw that the Metropolitan had an exhibit on Charles James. He truly was an icon in the fashion world for his gorgeous ball gowns.

Although Charles James was considered an American designer, he was actually British, born in England. His mother, an American, was from the Chicago. This is where he relocated and began his first step into the fashion world through the work as a milliner (someone who makes women's hats). He opened his hat shop in 1926 at the young age of nineteen.

This young entrepreneur had bigger dreams and left Chicago for New York City. With only 70 cents in his pocket and a handful of hats, his gamble paid off as he opened another hat shop in Queens. Even so, the building was located above a garage, he began creating some of the world's most beautiful dresses in the fashion industry. Such an amazing story of possibilities that this nation offers through dreams
Soon this lead his desire to make women's dresses. However, these were not just your typical dress but literally a piece of art layered with the finest and luxurious fabrics. Some of these dresses were reported to way as much as 18 pounds!!! Not surprising as many of the designs had undercarriages, multiple petticoats, and full skirts with trains.

After having such success in New York, he moved to London. He not only spent time in London but Paris as well. It is said that he received some training in Paris but mostly he was self taught. Can you imagine to have such talent without formal training? He is a fashion prodigy if you ask me. 

Charles James made dresses for Christian Dior and Coco Chanel. Much of his work can be seen in fashion magazines in the 1940s and 1950s such as Vogue.

Charles James retired in 1958 after returning to NYC from Paris. I read that he continued his artistic abilities by designing furniture for millionaire husband and wife, John and Dominique de Menil's home right here in little ole Houston, Texas. I'd love to see those pieces. Perhaps I can try to hunt those down. If so, I'll report back.



Saturday, July 26, 2014

When One Chapter Ends....Another Begins

We just recently entered another chapter of our lives. My husband graduated from law school so we have relocated back to Texas. I must say that I'm torn as this chapter begins and our previous chapter comes to a close. I enjoyed living in Mississippi. The magnolia state is quite beautiful full of lush manicured landscapes. The big magnolia trees were especially gorgeous during the spring. And don't get me started on the Antebellum historical homes. But what I'll miss most is the people and my neighborhood. I've met so many truly wonderful people in Mississippi. We consider many of them part of our extended family.

Pictures of our neighborhood in Mississippi

Thursday, November 28, 2013

New Orleans

Cindy's house in New Orleans is absolutely amazing. It is 173 years old!!! It was first built in 1839 for a baker who owned a bakery on Bourbon Street. However, he lost it and the property was auctioned off by his creditors. Louis Janin, an attorney, purchased the house and completed the row of the three houses.
Can you believe this beautiful property sat vacant for over 50 years?!!! Cindy purchased the property in 1990 and began renovating the house back to its full beauty. She did a splendid job as you can see.