Saturday, November 22, 2014

Cactus and Lavender

My husband and I recently moved last month into our new place. Things have been overwhelming as we are trying to get unpacked, purchase new things, and prepare for the holiday. However, things are sta starting to come along nicely. 

I recently posted a picture of my new desk. I'm absolutely in love with it. The desk was shipped from Brazil and extremely heavy with deep drawers. A great treasure indeed. I'm thrilled with my purchase and know that it'll be a favorite piece for years to come. 

Since the holidays are literally around the corner, I've been searching for a new Christmas wreath. However, I  haven't found anything I like. So I decided to create my own. And since we live in Texas, I thought I'd make it more a Texas theme. 

We hardly ever see snow in these parts, and when I say snow I mean sleet. So I didn't think it was appropriate to have snow or snowbirds. I decided to use a cactus and peppers. I thought it turned out well. I'm very pleased and it will surely make a great conversational piece. 

Speaking of cactuses, I have plans for my back patio. I'm eager for this next spring. I know, I first need to get through the holidays. But I have great plans for the near future. We have a fantastic nursery located down the street that sells amazing Mexican pots. I plan on buying some and filling them with lavender and cactus. I found some pictures off the internet for inspiration.

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